Landscaping Courses | Partnering with Elsa Pooley

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Landscaping Courses Students
Uplifting Entry Level Garden Workers
JPJLandscapes Landscaping Courses

Landscaping Courses | Partenring with Elsa Pooley

Jpjlandscapes partnering with botanist Elsa Pooley with the training and upliftment of landscapers and entry level gardeners.

This meant we had the awesome privilege of training Gumedes’ Indigenous Garden Services on a development at Widenham, South coast..
You guys were an absolute inspiration!

What qualifications do I need to be a landscape designer?

There are many ways to succeed in this arena.

Complete a landscaping course in design, for example a Diploma of Landscape Design (AHC50616).

You can also complete an apprenticeship in landscape design.

At JPJLandscapes we offer a range of landscaping courses with options of both in-house customised training as well as correspondence options. 

JPJLandscapes seeks to

  • Upskill Landscapers
  • Garden Enthusiasts
  • And Unskilled Staff.


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We offer Customised In House Landscaping Training Nationally within South Africa. We will Upskill Your Workforce in landscape design and maintenance. JPJLandscapes offers more than 20 years of experience and expertise specialising in

  • Indigenous gardening.
  • Professional landscapers.

Landscaping Courses offered by JPJ Landscapes

National In House Customised Training Courses


Fully Customised Training Courses tailored to your unique requirements.

On-Site training.

Upskill your workforce and Improve Productivity.


Most Popular Courses are:

  • 3 Day Garden Workers Training Course
  • 3 Day Basic Landscape Design & Horticulture
  • 3 Day Advanced Horticultural Course
  • 3 Day Landscape | Installation & Maintenance for Supervisors & Managers Course
  • 3 Day Basic Landscape Design
  • 3 Day Intermediate Landscape Design
  • 3 Day Landscape Quoting

Some of our Customised In-House Courses include:

  • The alien invasive/pest and disease control course
  • Machine operators course
  • Basic Irrigation course

We have worked with

Corporate Training, Mining Sector, Municipalities,Public  Works Department, Large Corporate Landscaping Companies, Professional Landscape Companies, Game Reserves, Water Boards, Hotel Industry, Private Schools and Eco-Estates.

Public Training

Upskilling Landscapers, Garden Enthusiasts, Perfect for Gardner Training, Unskilling staff on a smaller scale.

These courses are run publically around South Africa – booking is essential. Enrolment forms are available online – see course details below.

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