Durban Landscaping Services for Your Home or Business

Durban Landscaping Services

JPJ offers a personalized on-site service to clients. An initial site meeting is set up to discuss the needs of the client including site analysis and assessment. JPJ offers project management where we oversee our Clients Staff to execute development work over a period of time. On completion JPJ offers an on-going retainer service where we train the Staff with a focus on specialized maintenance. It’s all about an on-going personal relationship with the Client & Staff so he / she reaches their full potential and in so doing, JPJ affords them the motivation & confidence to create & maintain gardens of delight.

Durban Landscaping Service Case Studies

House Atkinson

House Atkinson @ Phezulu Game Estate.
Garden designed and installed by JPJ twelve years ago..
Magnificent Aloe arboresence flowering in the background. Acting as a great invitation into the space.
Crassula ovata flowering in the foreground.

Well done Gardeners Joyce and Francis Dlamuka..

Many years of dedicated hard work!!

House Hunter

Mike and Gillian Hunter.
Thank you for giving JPJ Landscapes an amazing opportunity twelve years ago to design and install your townhouse garden. We have had the privilege of working with Phillip Ngubane over the years. Nothing but a perfectionist and the best Gardener ever..
We wish the Hunters and Phillip a happy retirement..
Will miss you all and this beautifully manicured garden.

Indigenous Summer Flowering Garden

Indigenous Flowering Garden Indigenous Summer flowering in sync for October/[email protected] game estate What is indigenous? Plants that are indigenous to a particular geographical region are those that grow in that region naturally.Indigenous Summer...

Landscape Ideas

Landscape Ideas Bringing something different Ideas to transform your space and create something entirely new. These beautiful bird boxes elevate the space and bring in a new and exciting dimension. This landscaping technique maintains the natural surrounds and paints...

Upskill Your Workers | Landscape Course | Customised In House Training | August 2021

Upskill Your Workers with one of our Customised Landscape Courses   | August 2021 Why Upskill? Upskilling ensures employees’ skill sets will remain up to date and shows your staff you care about their careers and futures. A development program can make employees more...

Landscaping Courses | Partnering with Elsa Pooley

Landscaping Courses | Partnering with Botanist Elsa Pooley | JPJLandscapes | Upliftment of Landscapers & Entry Level Gardeners.

Kitchen Garden | Cath Wilkinson

Kitchen Garden | Cath Wilkinson | Cotswold Downs Estate | What is a Kitchen Garden? | What do I plant in my Kitchen Garden ?

Correspondence Course Christmas Discount

Correspondence Course Christmas Discount 2021 Christmas is coming, have a look at our awesome Christmas special For more info you can log onto [email protected]

On-Site Garden Workers Training Course by JPJLandscapes

On-Site Garden Workers Training Course by JPJLandscapes Please note that costings in this post are as at October 2020 and are subject to change. ON SITE GARDEN WORKERS TRAINING COURSE...Our own Francis Dlamuka training Alfred Mthembu who is employed by Cath Wilkinson...

Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting  Hilton Quarry Our environmental consulting resumes at the Hilton Quarry.. An ever-changing landscape that was once a derelict quarry has now become an environmental haven.. Working with Greg Dowsett landscapes... many new grassland...

Succulent Plants

Succulent Plants

African Themed Garden 2020

African Themed Gardens | JPJ Landscapes

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