Landscape Consulting & Design


A combination of design skill and broad plant knowledge enables JPJLandscapes to fully utilize available space. Starting with on-site consultations, JPJ creates a detailed design with formal drawings and then prepares a proposal which includes all aspects of soft and hard landscaping.

Process Management

JPJ manages all stages of the installation process from planning through to completion, including specialized maintenance thereafter. JPJ will also appoint relevant Landscape Contractors to install, and will effectively oversee and Project Manage. When necessary JPJ will call in sub-contractors for customized water features, large paving areas, garden lighting, sundecks, jungle gyms and irrigation systems, always ensuring the project achieve the highest possible standards.

JPJ Landscapes oversees installation work and act as a mediator between Property Developers, Corporates, Landscape Contractors and Environmentalists. JPJ also manages specialized maintenance contracts on a retainer basis and acts as the mediator between the Client and Contractor, ensuring the highest levels of quality on an on-going basis.

Over 30 Years of Consulting Experience

Our expertise is directed mostly towards the landscaping industry, Government, Environmentalists, Property Developers, Corporates, Estates, Eco-Estates and Private Landscapers. With over 30 years of Industry related experience, our consulting role has proven to be of paramount importance in the development of landscapes in a mediating capacity between the developers, landscapers, and environmentalists.

Site Auditing and Retainer Work

Our retainer work is multi-faceted with an agreed contract dictating the necessary amount of time that JPJ will spend on-site on a monthly, bi-monthly or purely on a consulting basis. To further boost our Corporate product offering, JPJ also offers an independent auditing service for larger projects & estates. JPJ specialises in auditing the design aspects, horticultural quality and biodiversity of our clients’ estates and in so doing ensures that the “resident” maintenance contractors/teams/staff ceaselessly strives towards the highest standards of horticultural and design practices.

Environmental Consulting

JPJ offers environmental consulting as part of out key services.

  • Land rehabilitation projects
  • Botanical analysis
  • AIS management programmes
  • Botanical search and rescue
  • Various other environmental projects.

This adds a unique combination of landscaping and horticulture consulting services to each of our valued clients.

Bio-Geography & Environmental Management systems.

Siyabonga Gumede, our environmental consultant who holds a BSc in Environmental management, specializes in Bio-Geography & Environmental Management systems. Together we offer a broader & environmentally conscious perspective to JPJ Landscape’s key portfolio areas. JPJ Landscapes offers a holistic consulting service, which incorporates both horticultural & environmental knowledge & principles to Governmental departments, Corporates, Residential, Industrial estates & Quarries along with other organisations alike.

JPJ offers the following services as part of their portfolio:

  • Land rehabilitation and indigenous plant species restoration
  • Project management and monitoring
  • Botanical identification and tree ID tags
  • Plant search and rescue
  • Alien Invasive Species (AIS)
    • Consulting
    • Identification
    • Monitoring
    • Management Plans
    • Eradication
  • Ecological Restoration and monitoring
  • Sub – Consultant services to EIA in the Vegetation and Landscaping fields.

JPJ has been involved in land rehabilitation projects, botanical analysis, AIS management programmes, botanical search and rescue, and various other environmental projects.

We have been involved in the rehabilitation of various quarries such as the Hilton Quarry Project.

With this service added to our portfolio we are able to offer a unique combination of landscaping, horticulture and environmental consulting services to each of our valued clients.

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