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Course Duration : 6 – 12 months

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Course Content

Simple and effective teaching and training in basic garden care and maintenance.
To introduce a positive sense of purpose in the garden by creating an understanding of concepts to be applied.
To present basic gardening concepts with clear explanations and provide helpful hints and tips for effective gardening.
To meet other gardeners and to participate in a programme which is fun, interesting and above all educational and practical for application in the garden environment.
Module 1: Elements of garden design and implementation, planning and preparation

Main elements which make up a garden
Basic concepts of design and principals
Soil, compost and fertilizing
Implementation, planning and site preparation
Module 2: Planting, cuttings, transplanting and garden features

Planting trees, shrubs and groundcovers
Staking trees
Plant cuttings and transplanting
Simple garden features and methods of construction
Module 3: Maintenance, equipment and routines

Maintenance and procedures
Garden equipment
Daily routines for gardeners
Weeding, turning soil, alien invaders
Module 4: Water, on-going maintenance and pest management

Cutting back plants
Irrigation, dealing with pests – good and bad
Dealing with weeds – Herbicide
Safety in the garden
Water wise gardening
Basic planting combinations – indigenous and exotic plants
Plant list
Questions – practical exercise

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